Friday, December 5, 2008

Nonsuch 22 Brochure

Nonsuch 22 Brochure
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Nonsuch 22 Brochure
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A brochure is one thing, but actually sailing a Nonsuch® is the real deal. First let me make perfectly clear that Mark Ellis Design Ltd. owns the trademark "Nonsuch" in Canada, the US and the UK. Let me explain that real deal. Many of the major sailing areas around the Great Lakes and the coasts of North America have a Nonsuch specialist who is still the "go to" guy to learn about the Nonsuch.

You can see pictures of many, but by no means all, of the Nonsuch sail boats on the Nonsuch Photo Galleries. You can see the early 1978 history of the owner of the first Nonsuch 30 in the gallery of Gordon Fisher. The gallery of George Hinterhoeller describes the builder of the Nonsuch

Here in the San Francisco Bay area, back in 1979-80 I really wanted a Nonsuch 30. Dave Vickland became a very patient friend in my unrequited love for that boat at that time in my life.

Fast forward 30 years, and Dave Vickland was still available to help me with a more affordable version of my dream Nonsuch 30, by finding me a Nonsuch 22.

Here is the link to his brokerage page at Bay Island Yachts, and some of Dave's text from that page.

These are wonderful sailboats, true single-handers. Take grandma out for the day... she won't get in the way. The Nonsuch is so simple (and fast) that just about nobody believes it until they sail on one. Then, everything changes. Then, they get truly curious... how can this work so well without a jib...? Nonsuch owners know why... come on out and sail, we'll show you why and how.

As owner of three Nonsuches - N22, N30, and N36 - through the past twenty years, we have a Nonsuch expert on our staff. Dave Vickland managed the exclusive San Francisco Bay dealership for Hinterhoeller's Nonsuch in its sales heydays, 1983 through 1990. Dave knows how to sail a Nonsuch, how to sail it well, and just about anything else that is unique to these wonderful and simple boats.
Dave watched me rig my Nonsuch 22 when I took delivery of it in January 2008. His bemused approach to my rigging efforts ("That might work, though you might consider this alternative.") invariably improved my own running rigging design ideas.

Here is a picture of Dave at the helm of Blueberry the for the first sail in January 2008.

Here is a picture of Dave racing a somewhat smaller catboat on Pinecrest Lake, in 2008.
Sailboat racing is strenuous activity.